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(740) 754-3422 or (740) 754-1385

Are you ready to fill your freezer with beef the way you want it cut?

Our meat has no additives and we have our own feedlot facility, with the grain being produced right here on our farm. 

We sell whole, halves or quarters of beef.  We also sell whole or half hog - have it your way or take it out as a roasting hog. 

  • Whole/Half of Beef | $2.85 cut, wrapped and frozen​

    • Includes all your steaks, roasts, ground beef​

  • Front Quarter of Beef

    • Rib Steaks​

    • Arm, Chuck & English Roasts

    • Ground beef, either bulk/patties or both

  • Hind Quarter of Beef | $3.20 cut, wrapped and frozen

    • Porterhouse, T-Bone, Club, Sirloin & Club Steaks

    • Pikes Peak (Heel of Round) and Rump Roasts

    • and ground beef, either bulk/patties or both

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